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SciBar is a regular, informal event where scientists and researchers can share their research and current work with interested folks in their community. It (usually) takes place in a bar.


Pint of Science Innsbruck

9-11 May, Bars in Innsbruck

This month, we are supporting the annual Pint of Science festival, here in Innsbruck for the first time in a while! We have 5 locations and 5 themes over 3 nights. With more than 30 speakers talking about everything from mental health to robotics, climate change to food technology, and much more, there really is something for everyone.

Join us in Innsbruck for a night to remember…

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Get involved

Want to volunteer? Have an idea for an event?

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us plan, organise, and run events, so if you are interested in science communication and would like to be part of an enthusiastic group of individuals interested in learning more about how to organise events, run outreach programmes, and generally get involved in the vibrant world of research and science in Innsbruck, do get in touch.

If you are a scientist, researcher, or head of an institute and you have an idea for an event, we’d love to chat and see if we can build your event into our SciBar programme. Contact us and let’s explore the possibilities.

If you are an organisation, business or individual and you’d like to sponsor us, we’d love to hear from you. We run on a shoe-string budget, and are always grateful for financial support that helps us purchase badges, pens, paper, run our website, do our marketing, and so on.

Get in touch

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Get in touch…

About SciBar

What is SciBar?

SciBar is a regular, informal event where scientists and researchers can share their research and current work with interest folks in their community. It (usually) takes place in a bar, and presently has a presence in Innsbruck. We experiment with all sorts of formats, from talks and “date a scientist events to presentations and informal “pitch nights” to make events fun and interesting.

If you are a scientist or researcher and you want to share your work, then SciBar is a brilliant platform to network, share, and practice your science communication skills.

If you have a general interest in science and what local researchers are discovering (or if one of the topics happens to grab your attention), then SciBar is a good place to learn a bit more, or to ask local scientists the questions you’ve always wanted answered. You don’t have to know about science – just turn up with an inquiring mind.

When does SciBar take place?

SciBar events take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (more or less) at a local bar in Innsbruck. Events start at 7pm and depending on the format, last for around 2 hours.

You can see future SciBar events here.

How did SciBars come to be?

In early 2019, Suzanne Whitby launched SciBar events to complement the science communication work she does at SciComm Success. The inspiration for the idea came from a conversation with a researchers in a bar (of course!) at the 2018 Comm OCEAN conference in the UK.

In the UK, SciBars are organised in a number of cities and tend to focus on one or more scientists sharing their work in the form of a presentation. Suzanne’s interest in how to communicate science in more creative ways led her to explore with different formats, and SciBars in Europe are now spaces where science is communicated in lots of experimental and traditional ways!

SciBars are free events, open to anyone, although we also encourage you to support the bars who host us, and of course, we are always happy for support in the form of donations and volunteers.

Who runs SciBar?

At the moment, SciBar is run by Suzanne Whitby and sponsored by SciComm Success. We’re always interested in help from other people and organisations, though!

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