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Science communication training for natural scientists, researchers, and climate communicators

Your science deserves to be shared

(and your audience deserves to understand what you have to say.)

Our science communication training programmes, workshops and networking events are designed for scientists, researchers, science communicators, and climate communicators who want to share their research with non-expert audiences, in person and online. Take a look at what we offer, or get in touch for a chat  and let’s see what happens!


Co-created Science Communication Teaching

More and more universities are recognising the importance of science communication and occasionally, budget exists for a semester-long science communication programme to give PhD students the chance to develop skills early-on in their academic careers. Our approach to building the right programme for you is flexible.

We can work with you to define what your programme might look like, offering you suggestions from programmes that we have run with other universities. Alternatively, we’re also happy to liaise with your PhD student committee and co-create a programme description that meets THEIR needs. We offer these teaching programmes virtually in most cases but for programmes run over several days, or for universities within easy reach of Innsbruck, we are able to deliver these programmes on-site.

Curious? The best place to start is with a converstion.

Science Communication Teaching


Key Messages Workshop

If you want to engage your audience and get them interested in what you have to say, you need to get your message right. That’s what this workshop is all about. We’ll put the audience at the heart of your message and using our simple key message planner, participants will learn how to craft a clear message and motivate an audience with points that are relevant to them.

This interactive session is lively and fun, and includes useful activities, facilitated group discussions, and breakout sessions to keep folks interested and engaged.

Typically, this session takes 3-4 hours, and can be offered as a virtual, instructor-led session, or as an onsite, instructor-led session.

Key Messaging Workshop


Media Training for Scientists

Do you want to get your research in front of a large audience of non-experts (and experts, too, perhaps)? Do you want to share a message far and wide, break out of your academic “bubble”, get a conversation started, attract people to an event, or even be a catalyst for change? Do you simply want to see your name in print in the popular press to boost your credibility, have a platform, and boost your chances of receiving funding?

These are just some of the reasons to engage with the media. They can amplify your message, but as a scientist, researcher or science communicator, it’s best to know who “the media” is, what their objectives are, what your objectives are, and how to communicate in a way that makes it easy for your contacts to share your work without sending mixed messages!

We offer a number of different media training programmes for scientists, from short, punchy “info” sessions and half-day media awareness workshops, all the way through to small-group media and interview training sessions that equip you with new skills and put them to the test in a highly-interactive day.

Key Messaging Workshop


Science Communication Toolbox

Once you have your key messages in place, how can you share them?

We can combine our key messaging workshop with one or more skill-building sessions from our practical communication skills workshops to create a tailored learning experience that combines short, informative theory sessions with lively discussions, practical exercises, and small group sessions.

The focus will be on hands-on learning, so participants will have lots of opportunities to apply their new knowledge, give and receive feedback, and exchange ideas and insights. Regular breaks and participatory activities keep the energy high throughout.

The length of this workshop depends on the number of sessions and participants, and can be offered as a virtual, instructor-led session, or as an onsite, instructor-led session.

Science Communication Skills Kit


SciBar Events

Doing a one-off workshop is great, but to sharpen your skills, it’s practice that matters.

Our SciBar events are casual, fun events where scientists get to share their research informally whilst meeting new people, or a bit more formally by pitching their research as an elevator pitch in under 2 minutes in small groups. Oh, and the events take place in a bar (or in a bar-like setting). And, of course, that leads to questions, which leads to dialogue, and who knows what might happen then!

We currently run SciBar events in Innsbruck. See events here →

Want to run SciBar events in your city? Get in touch!

Key Messaging Workshop

Not sure what you need?

Why not get in touch? We can have a conversation and can explore the possibilities together.