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Who we work with

We work with individual scientists and researchers, teams and project groups, and universities and research organisations

We offer training, coaching, and facilitation based on our practical experience and understanding of what it takes to be a great communicator, whether you need to share your science with peers, reach out to the lay public, or simply work well in your organisations. 

Almost all of our training now takes place in the virtual and online environment, where we leverage our knowledge of tools and techniques to make learning fun, memorable, and relevant, sharing our knowledge of effective virtual communication at the same time.

Who we help:

Communication teams and training organisers

Conference, gathering, and event organisers

Management & leadership teams

Internal trainers and communicators

Professionals seeking coaching

Professionals seeking training courses

Communication teams and training organisers

You manage a team, run the communications department, or are responsible for learning and development

We run virtual in-house workshops for universities, research organisations, scientific institutes, membership bodies, and scientific and research groups in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt one of our existing programmes to help you build capacity in your team, or we can create a brand new programme tailored your unique set of challenges.

We’re intimately aware of the challenges and benefits of virtual learning, and our workshops give participants opportunities to learn before, during, and after the course, online and in their own time. Our workshops are hands-on, experiential, and packed with opportunities to try out new skills. They’re carefully timed with regular breaks and exercises to prevent the dreaded “Zoom fatigue”…

Conference, gathering, and event organisers

You organise conferences, society meetings, or specialist gatherings

Every year, societies and membership organisations plan annual (or bi-annual or less frequent) meetings to bring together like-minded souls from the scientific, research, and academic communities who care about curiosity, evidence, and discovery.

We help organisers and communications teams make these events even more relevant and interesting by offering three things:

  • Virtual training programmes that take place before the gathering:
    Presentation skills and poster design workshops that take place a few weeks before the event start can be helpful for first-time poster creators and seasoned presenters alike. The results? A learning opportunity for workshop participants, stronger presentations and posters during your meeting, and a more enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Learning-focused breakout sessions during the meeting:
    We offer interactive bite-sized learning sessions that are perfect additions to your formal conference programme. Each session is designed to make your participants think more about how they are communicating their work, how they are “showing up”, and how to share their results in the right way for their audience. Choose from themes as diverse as storytelling, virtual tools of engagement, non-verbal communication, and more.
  • Professional meeting facilitation and panel moderation:
    We offer professional meeting facilitation and panel moderation that result in outcome-focused meetings and lively and informative panel discussions.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, not to worry. Get in touch and let’s talk through your ideas and see what happens!

Management & leadership teams

You manage a team or an organisation and need external input to achieve a specific set of goals

When you need help facilitating a meeting, our goal is to make things easier for you.

We design a structure to help ensure a successful outcome for important meetings and help guide the team process, enabling people to understand the issues, reach agreements and plan next steps.

Whether you want to plan for the future, solve a problem, improve a process, resolve a conflict, or co-create a course of action, our experience of working with teams in scientific, research, and academic organisations allows us to help you achieve your desired results efficiently, effectively and in the least amount of time possible.

Internal trainers and communicators

You want to learn new skills so that you can transfer knowledge with your organisation

If you’re responsible for communication in your organisation, it may be that you are expected to deliver internal training programmes to help scientists, researchers, and others in your organisation become better communicators in a range of areas.

We offer train-the-trainer programmes, usually 1-to-1 or in small groups, to help you build your skills as a communication trainer so that you can transfer your knowledge internally.

Our train-the-trainer programmes are always bespoke and are built around what you want to learn and share.

Want to know more?

Professionals seeking coaching

You want to build your communication skills in your own time

If you want to build the skills you need to do your research, share your results with experts and non-experts alike, AND become more successful in your scientific career, then communication coaching might be right for you.

Under the eagle eye and guiding hand of one of our expert communicators, we focus all our attention on you and what you want to achieve to help you build new skills quickly. It’s ideal if you want a rapid-fire approach to becoming a stronger communicator, or if a group workshop simply isn’t right for you because of time or your position in the organisation.

Professionals seeking training courses

You want to invest in your communication skills development in a group workshop setting

If your organisation doesn’t offer professional training programmes and 1-to-1 coaching isn’t quite right for you, our public communication workshops are designed for you. Each programme is run by one of our instructors live (none of this pre-recorded nonsense) and is carefully designed to ensure that you receive lots of personal feedback and practice.

We run workshops with a minimum of 4 participants so that you have an opportunity to learn from other styles and get input from your peers, and we limit courses to a maximum of 8 people to ensure that the group dynamics are just right.

Still not sure?

If none of these fit your needs precisely, or if you simply don’t have the time or energy to wade through content, let’s have a quick chat and see what happens!